Privacy Policy

Data Collection

When creating an account an email address is required. This is stored on the MyLexicon server and is never shared with, or sold to, any third parties. The email address is used to identify an account and to form part of the account's login credentials. Communication with an email address will only include functional emails such as account confirmation and password resets or should a support request be made.

Google reCAPTCHA is used on the account registration page to help ensure only valid accounts are created. When submitting the account creation form, details about your device are sent to Google for them to verify that the device is being used by a human. You must read and accept the Google Terms and Privacy policies in order to create a MyLexicon account.


Only essential cookies required for site functionailty are used. These allow the site to function and to provide a login session on the current web browser being used. No analytics, tracking or other cookies are used.

Data Deletion

An account can be deleted at any time from the Account page. Deleting an account will permanently remove all data associated with the account including the email address. If unable to delete an account, deletion can be requested by emailing

Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time. Active users will be notified by email of any changes to ensure awareness and continued acceptance.